GWR is a leading manufacturer of custom seat belts and harnesses, designing safety restraints for commercial and specialty vehicles. GWR serves global seat and vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers. GWR also produces custom restraint systems for wheelchairs and the medical industry.

Our seat belts and restraint systems are featured in more than 200 vehicle models produced by over 100 customers worldwide. GWR manufactures our products in the United States and Spain, and our restraint systems are now used in more than 70 countries. Our technical centers in the United States and Spain that offer the best customer service in the industry. We built our business around delivering superior quality safety systems with the best customer service, all while focusing on the ultimate goal of saving lives. Click on the links to the left or images below to learn more about our company and opportunities.


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GWR’s Mission Statement

GWR’s philosophy is to assure the safety of motor vehicle users with superior products, while exceeding our client’s expectations. We are proud of our reputation for excellence in our industry, and will continue to listen to our customers, be flexible, and help them offer the highest performance safety products. Our products meet the highest standards.
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GWR’s History

Started in 1982, GWR has grown from a niche manufacturer of seat belts and restraint systems into a comprehensive designer and supplier whose combined capabilities and services give an advantage to OEMs around the globe. Learn about some of the highlights of our growth, Contact Us to become part of our future.
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Seat Belt Quality

GWR’s Quality Management Program

GWR’s quality standards are the highest in our industry. Our engineering and comprehensive testing lab allow us to easily test your product for safety. Having these capabilities helps us cut the development lead-time to get your product to market quickly, and assure that your product meets all applicable regulations.
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GWR Blog and Media

GWR’s Blog & Media

Read about the latest industry trends and company news stories in our GWR Blog. In addition to following GWR Safety Systems on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and Facebook, you can know read the full stories right here on our website. Click here to read our Blog and News Articles, which highlight our expertise.