GWR was founded in 1982 by Luis Capella, a Formula race car driver. Since the beginning,GWRacing has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality Multi Point Harnesses (MPH) to top racers, teams, and rallies in Europe. GWR was one of the first approved manufacturers of FIA approved harnesses, and based on our experience and demand, have expanded our line of Racing MPHs. GWR now sells it’s Multi Point Harnesses worldwide, and our flexibility and control of development allows us to custom design harnesses for many cars. In addition to the wide range of standard models found on our website, we can produce custom racing harnesses fitting the installation specifics in your race car.
GWR Safety Systems manufactures Racing Harness System for use in Formula, GT, and competition cars where driver changes are required. We offer a broad range of occupant multiple point protection systems. We can produce racing harnesses based on customer configurations and applications from four-point up to six-point harness systems.