specialty seat belts


Specialty Vehicle Seat Belts

GWR is a leading specialty vehicle seat belt manufacturer, offering superior technology customized for your vehicle.

CUSTOM DESIGN for Specialized Vehicles

GWR designs and manufactures specialty vehicle seat belts for a wide range of applications, including industrial and transportation equipment, utility vehicles and ground vehicles.  We are known for our unique ability to customize for specialized, lower volume productions.

Solutions for Enhanced Safety and Comfort

Specialty vehicle manufacturers are looking for seat belts that work with their unique seats and anchorage points, and don’t want to sacrifice safety and comfort. GWR works with a wide range of specialty vehicle manufacturers to review anchorage points and seat design, and custom manufacture unique solutions that satisfy all global regulations.



specialty vehicle seat belts

Automotive quality and technical expertise with the best service

Solutions customized to your vehicles

  • 3-point seat belts for any configuration
  • Different retractors available for different mounting angles, spool sizes, extraction/retraction forces and enclosures
  • Multiple buckle types and anchorage options
  • Designs for seat belts both inside and outside seats
  • Low friction designs and technology
  • Electric Switches for seat belts

Exceeding Global Seat Belt Regulations

All of our seat belts for specialty meet not only Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 209 & 302, but also ECE R16.

Questions? Our engineers have answers.
You don’t learn everything from reading websites. Sometimes it helps to get the help of an expert. If you have questions about our seat belts, the design process, installation, or anything else, let us know. Our highly trained reps and engineers are standing by, ready with answers. In order to purchase your seat belts today, or to get started designing custom seat belts for your new seat, complete our contact form or give us a call.
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