Purchase tailor-made custom seat belts and restraints

To satisfy the demand for a growing number of vehicles and applications, we have created a business unit that handles requests for custom seat belts and restraint systems. While we have developed an extensive line of standard products, we realize your seats and anchor points are so specific, they require custom seat belts and safety restraints. Whether you need custom colors, angles, measurements, or brackets, we can provide a quick turnaround for your project. We create safety restraints that capitalize on the latest available design and manufacturing technologies, meet all applicable international requirements, and benefit from cost-effective production methods. GWR’s state-of-the-art custom safety systems will enhance the experience in your vehicle.

Custom Engineering Capabilities

For more involved design projects with specific engineering requirements, our engineers are available to analyze your seat or vehicle, and propose customized, cost-effective design solutions that work for your specific application. Our engineers have over 200 years of experience designing seat belts for the automotive industry, and our seat belts and restraint systems are known for the highest level of quality available.

For seat belts we recommend getting us involved early in the design of your seat. Many manufacturers contact us after their seat is designed, and don’t realize the benefits of integrating the seat design with the seat belt design, including reducing time to market and offering a better final product that enhances the occupant’s experience in your seat and vehicle (not to mention reducing the stress of your engineers).



Advanced Engineering for Original Equipment Manufacturers

GWR is an industry leader in seat belt design and engineering. We have designed solutions for a number of unique applications. Recently GWR designed a custom seat belt system for and urban foldable car. Designing a seat belt that functions in a car that is able to drive in two very different positions required an advanced solution not found in any other vehicle. Learn more about our custom designs and solutions in our Case Study section

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