Seat Belt Design

Safety System and Seat Belt Design

In addition to manufacturing, we also design complete system safety systems and seat belt systems for your seats. We know you are looking for a competitive edge as you design your new product, so we work with you to understand what will enhance the end user’s perception and satisfaction. This is why you must work together with us early in the design process to integrate the systems and design the best solution. For seat belts, designing the seats and seat belts together will create a much better product that will maximize the occupant’s experience and comfort.

Application Engineering Resources

GWR offers all the support you need to create the best systems, including engineering services, research and development, modeling, and static and dynamic testing. We can modify anything to fit your vehicle or product. We enjoy solving these engineering challenges with our customers through all phases of product development, and are proud when these new projects launch. The best part of this is that it comes at no cost to you, our customer.

Seat Belt Safety and Regulations

Our extensive knowledge of safety system and seat belt regulations, experience with dynamic sled testing, in-house testing capabilities, and involvement with regulation groups helps cut your development lead-time to get your product to marketing quickly, while assuring that your product will meet all applicable regulations and standards.