GWR® has been a manufacturer of seat belts, harnesses, and safety systems for over 38 years. Our manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe give us full control over the entire product, and allow us to manufacture customized solutions for different markets around the world. We are always improving our product line and processes, and recently invested in additional automated machines and technology, increasing our production capacity to over 2 million seat belts, harnesses and safety restraints per year.  We have four fully automated seat belt production lines for high volume customers, and eight semi-automated lines for customized products.

We understand that different retractor technology, components, performance and sizing are required for different applications and customer specifications, so we produce many different retractors, buckles, components and webbing so our customers have access to different solutions. We have our own retractor technology, own our own tooling, and manufacture them in-house allowing us to customize for different specifications. Having our own tooling gives us control of our technology and our costs.

At our global facilities we focus on continuously improving our processes, and implementing the principles of Lean Manufacturing. We have designed our lines to be efficient and flexible in order to avoid overburden, inconsistencies, and waste.  Our employees have been working with GWR an average of 18 years, offering unmatched skill and consistency in quality.

We improve and streamline our business operations continuously, always driving for innovation and evolution. At our manufacturing facilities, we have built a culture of stopping to fix problems, to get quality right the first time. Our manufacturing is organized and ordered using 5S, a system of techniques developed in Japan that help enable Just in Time manufacturing.

Automated Seat Belt Line

The benefits are reduction in defect rates, faster lead times and improved productivity, ultimately creating and delivering value for our customers and safety for the end consumer.