history seat belt manufacturer

Luis Capella, an formula car racer for many years, started designing custom harnesses for racing cars. After working over a decade in the seat belt industry for the leading seat belt manufacturers Autoliv and Bendix (which became Key Safety Systems, and now Joyson), he knew the industry well. In 1982 he started GWR to service the customers that these Seatbelt manufacturers couldn’t help with their streamlined products. The company grew very quickly.

Today, GWR® services the leading seat and vehicle manufacturers, as well as the aftermarket through our distributors. We specialize in helping trend setting companies that have a unique need that no other seat belt manufacturer can solve.

Below are a few highlights of our growth:

1970s                    GWR Co-Founder Luis Capella begins competing in Formula Racing and rallys.

1970s & 80s         Luis works for Klippan, Bendix (now Joyson/Key Safety Systems) and Autoliv, ultimately
                              becoming General Manager at Autoliv.

1982                 Luis Capella and Marian Masero begin manufacturing racing harnesses, seat belts,
                    and wheelchair occupant restraints

1980s                   GWR starts producing safety restraints for Nissan and develops and produces
                             an extended line of seat belts for passenger car rear seats, and buses.

1990s                   GWR begins partnering with Autoliv for supplies and dynamic crash testing.
                             Applus IDIADA completes first homologation test together with GWR.

1990s                   GWR begins manufacturing aftermarket seat belts for one of the largest automotive seat belt companies
                             GWR manufactures & tests custom restraint systems for the European Space Station

1995                    GWR begins supplying seat belts to Suzuki.

2000s               GWR starts producing seat belts for low production vehicles, and works with MIT for electric cars.

2010s                 GWR® hires Carlos Grassi, an industry veteran, to become CEO and facilitate expansion.
                            We expand our product lines, secure patents, and license the patent for retractors in the backs of seats.

* Background picture shows employees of Doronit, Luis Capella’s father’s company (Rogelio Capella), which supplied
machines to the auto industry.