GWR was founded by Luis Capella, a Formula Car racer, who began the company 35 years ago by manufacturing racing harnesses. In 1982, GWR Racing started producing its first Harness for Dakar Rally Racing Teams. Our 4-point and 6-point harnesses were FIA certified, and GWR was one of the first manufacturers of FIA racing harnesses for Formula racing cars. GWR has since become a specialist in occupant protection systems, including seat belts and other safety restraint systems. Based on customer demand and experience, GWR expanded our multi purpose line of harnesses. In our production facilities in St. Louis, USA and Barcelona, Spain, we manufacture our on-road, off-road, military and industrial harnesses, in addition to our patented medical harnesses. Our extensive experience designing and manufacturing a wide variety of harnesses positions GWR as a market leader for custom harnesses.

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Our engineering team enjoys solving problems for specialized applications. Today, GWR Safety Systems manufactures harnesses for every vehicle imaginable including racing, tuning, military, skids, go-karts, ATVs and side-by-sides.  Click on the images above to purchase our harnesses directly, or if you buy harnesses in bulk, contact us to have customized harnesses manufactured for you.

FIA and SFI Approved 4/5/6 Point Harnesses for Racing
Street Legal 3-point and 4 Point Harnesses (FMVSS or ECE approved)
Defense / Military Harnesses
Multi-point Harnesses for off-road vehicles
Commercial and Industrial Harnesses for Work Machines
Aviation Harnesses
Custom Harnesses, including harnesses for development or prototype Testing

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