H4 Retractable Harness

H4 Retractable Harness


GWR’s H4 retractable harnesses use our turn level buckle that provides quick release of both shoulder belts and the lap belt in one quick movement. They also have retractors on each shoulder belt to maximize comfort and ease of use when operating rugged machines for extended hours. This harness has four anchorage points, and for the lap belts you can choose bolt-in brackets or clips for quick mounting and release from eye bolts. The shoulder belts automatically adjust, and the tightness of the lap belts are manually adjusted near the waist. These multi point harnesses use 2″ polyester webbing.

Webbing Color options are Black and a variety of high visibility webbing colors like orange, neon, yellow, and bright green. Custom colors are available upon request.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 in


    • H shaped retractable Harness with 2″ polyester seat belt webbing(s)
    • Turn lever buckle for maximum comfort and ease of use.
    • Metal adjusters with moulded plastic covers
    • Choice of black anchor brackets for bolt in mounting, or black clips for quick release from eye-bolts.

Our Industrial Harnesses for off-highway use can be customized.  We work with many OEMs for even the most rugged work machines.


  • Lap belt measures 60″ when fully extended
  • Shoulder belts measures 80″ when fully extended.