Eurosatory, the Defense and Security International Exhibition, has opened its doors for the 2016 exhibit in Paris. The Eurosatory leaps forward with exhibitors renowned in the sector. While there are exhibitors from 58 countries, the US is the largest foreign exhibitor with 136 American companies. Over 3 days, companies will exhibit Defense and Security “tools” and equipment in the manufacturing industry. GWR looks forward to attending the show.
Eurosatory 2016 has approximately 7,000 international visitors in Paris to attend this international event. The Eurosatory invited 115 official delegations from 58 countries in which there are some Defense and Security Ministers. Moreover, the exhibition gathered over 1,536 exhibitors from 58 countries who will present innovations in the areas of public safety and security, and products include helicopters, tanks, and other personal equipment.

On the other side of town this week is Transports Publics 2016, the European Mobility Exhibition for all the key players in public transportation and sustainable mobility. The event takes place from June 14th to 16th. Over 10,000 public transport professional participants and 250 international exhibitors will come together over the three days to discuss the latest innovations for sustainable urban, interurban and regional transport.
The urban mobility issue has importantly evolved for human beings around the world, and is a key driving force in regional development. Transports Publics is recognized as the leading European showcase for innovations in equipment, services and products relating to the entire mobility sector.
User’ expectations of public transport are increasingly stringent, with a strong focus on safety and comfort. Therefore, the challenge is to respond to this demand in a variety of ways. GWR’s designers constantly develop and improve our safety products for transportation to the ever-changing needs of our customers. Attending events like this