GWR PRODUCTS STAYING AHEAD OF LEGISLATIONGWR, a global leader in the designing, developing and manufacturing of automotive and non automotive seat belts announced today the introduction of the new GR18, one of the key components of our latest Wheelchair Tie downs and Occupant Restraint System technology.

As per the current WC18 guidelines, the wheelchair tie downs and occupant restraint systems (WTORS) have to pass a frontal sled test impact at 30mph with a force of 20g. The test has to be performed using an 85 Kg (187 lb) surrogate wheelchair and a 77 Kg (170 lb) midsize adult crash test dummy.

With the introduction of the new WC 19, which requires the option of a 2-point lap belt tied directly to the wheelchair, the load requirements will be significantly increased for the wheel chair tie downs, as they will now will have to support both the weight of the dummy and the wheelchair.

For that reason, the new WC 18 will require a second test using the same parameters described above, but in this second case, the lap belt will be tied to the wheelchair.

GWR has been designing and developing wheelchair restraint systems for more than 20 years and ahead of the implementation of the new WC18 standard GWR has launched the new GR18, a new restraint system capable to meet and exceed the new and stricter requirements.

Production of the new GR18 started early June 2014 and it is already available.

All GWR WTORS products meet or exceed WC18 & ISO 10542-1

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