GWR’s history as a leading seat belt manufacturer has allowed us to use our technology for other applications. While the images below show our most popular applications, we work with many customers to design custom systems for a wide variety of uses. Please Contact Us to devise a custom safety restraint solution for your needs.


Other Restraints

Anti-Fall Systems and Restraints

GWR manufactures custom designed restraints for a wide variety of anti-fall and restraint systems. We have supplied restraint products for industrial machines requiring immense tensile strength, developed custom restraints to secure fields of solar panels, and even designed and produced restraints for movie and TV production sets. Contact one of our engineers to discuss a custom solution for your specific and unique application.


GWR Stretcher

Medical Restraints and Safety Systems for Stretchers and Beds

GWR has been working with medical institutions for many years to further develop our medical restraint and safety systems for stretchers and medical beds and chairs. Our new medical restraint and safety products expand the movement and mobility of the patient while ensuring their safety. Contact our sales team to discuss the right product for you.


GWR Cargo Nets

Cargo Nets and Other Restraints

GWR manufactures custom designed cargo nets, cargo restraints, and other custom webbing restraints to be used in a wide variety of unique, large project applications.


GWR Train

Seat Belts and Restraint Systems for Trains

GWR provides custom designed safety restraint systems for public trains. Contact GWR to discuss the different safety systems available, or a custom solution that meets your needs.