GWR M4 Retractable Military Harness – GS210 ELR

GWR M4 Retractable Military Harness – GS210 ELR


GWR’s retractable Military Harness with ELR retractors for military and defense vehicles. This multi-point harness is made with 2″ retractable shoulder belts, 2″ lap belts, and optional 2” crotch strap. Our military harnesses use an aluminum cam-lock buckle for simultaneous multi-point release.

The shoulder belts come with ELR retractors. Standardized color coding for “grab” & “pull” tails for easy recognition.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


    • 2” polyester webbing retractable shoulder straps; 2″ polyester webbing lap straps; optional 2” Crotch strap
    • GS 210 ELR (must be installed vertically at 90° angle)
    • Standardized color coding: Green grab and pull tails for lap and crotch belts; blue pull tabs for shoulder belts
    • Metal adjusters for lap belts
    • Black anchor brackets

Military Harnesses can be customized.